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Education Options

When a family makes the decision to move overseas in order to become involved in some kind of work in another country, there are many things to consider, especially the needs of the children. This might mean that the best option for one child is not the best option for all. As parents, you might need to decide how flexible you will be and your willingness, if need be, to homeschool one child while another goes to a local school. It is very important to explore these decisions before landing at the location of your work assignment. The educational options available will differ from place to place.

For more information on the various options, please check the following pages.

How Do I Chose?

Overall Factors to Consider When Choosing a Schooling Option

What are some factors parents need to consider when deciding what schooling option to use for their child(ren)?

Age and Starting School

Suggestions for parents thinking about when to start their child in kindergarten/prep in countries where the age of starting school has some flexibility.

 Planning with a Long-Range Perspective

This blog goes over some key questions that parents need to ask themselves as they are planning their children's education overseas.

 Finding the Best School for Your Child

This article has a series of questions that might be helpful in choosing a school. It is written from a North American perspective... so not all questions may relate to your family's situation... but it may help you consider things that you haven't thought about before such as your educational priorities for your child/children.

 "If we move overseas, what can we do about our children’s education?"

A review of schooling options for MKs.

 Language Development for MKs by Dr. Jan Dormer

This author speaks to language learning issues. In addition to several other issues, one she addresses is how one's choice of language for schooling children affects choices for schooling at university level.

Various Options

For more information on the various options, please check the following pages.

Traditional School Option

Nontraditional Educational Programs Option — Homeschooling, distance education and other possible situations

Boarding School Option

After Secondary School

Some resources for helping parents navigate through the preparation stage for their child(ren) moving on to college/university or working after finishing secondary school. Click on the title above to get to the page.