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Family and Ministry

Parenting of children has its challenges even without adding the extra aspect of raising TCKs. Our aim is to put resources here that can help you be successful in this task. Please let us know of other topics you would like us to include here.

Balancing Priorities, by Dora Pauls

Dora discusses how to achieve balance between family and ministry.

Family Education Plan, by Sharon Haag

Children can enhance your ministry — and your ministry situation can enhance the development and growth of your children.

Friends Forever - a Review, by Marti Ahlquist

Friends Forever is the most practical book we’ve found to assist parents in helping their children learn the skills that are part of making and keeping friends. This is the updated version of the authors Good Friends are Hard to Find.

Home Leave with Children

This document includes issues to consider when planning a furlough with children. Scroll done the page to find it near the end.

Issues for Parents of Third Culture Kids, by Elsie Purnell

The contents of this article are taken from a letter Elsie wrote to a parent prior to the family’s departure for service in India.

Mother Tongue Studies, by Marti Ahlquist

A description of a program in Papua New Guinea to help children maintain their mother tongue language while attending school in their second language.

Teenagers in the Village, by Pam Gentry

This article looks at the reality of having your teenagers with you in a village allocation. See what things to consider if this fits your situation.

Twelve Ways to Prepare for Middle School, by Ko Spyksma

Suggestions on how to help your homeschooled elementary child be prepare to enter a classroom situation for middle school.

Traveling as a Family: The Ultimate Educational Family Field Trip, by Dr. Wayne Lance

Ideas to help children learn through travel taken while travelling in the home country during home assignment.

What About Social Skills?, by Sharon Haag

Everyone agrees that having good social skills is important for doing well in adult life. But, how does the isolation of growing up without many cultural peers affect...

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