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The articles below cover areas specific to homeschooling families. We hope you will find this helpful.

Beyond the Textbooks, by Sharon Haag

Susan came into my office a couple months ago to talk about how to teach her four children (ages 6-11) during the second half of the school year. The family...

Classroom Culture Shock! by Sharon Haag

Has the time come for your homeschooled child to enter a classroom in a school for the next phase of their education? This article covers some of the areas that it would be helpful for parents to cover with their child in anticipation of the transition to a school.

Juggling Parent/Teacher Roles by Pam Gentry

How do I juggle the roles of parent and teacher?

My Tyrant, the Planbook: One Mother’s Solution, by Diane Lilleberg

A teaching Mom once described nearly driving herself and her children crazy by being driven to adhere to...

Ringing without Bells: The Structures of Schooling, by Diane Lilleberg

This year you probably planned to dedicate the time you needed to be really ready for...

They Make It Sound So Easy! The Complexities of Homeschooling Overseas, by Diane Lilleberg

“They make it sound so easy, I don’t feel comfortable debriefing how hard it has been,”...

Twelve Ways to Prepare for Middle School, by Ko Spyksma

Making the Switch from Homeschooling to the Classroom...

What About Social Skills?, by Sharon Haag

Everyone agrees that having good social skills is important for doing well in adult life. But, how does the isolation of growing up without many cultural peers affect...

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