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Raising Bilingual Children

Choosing to Raise Bilingual Children

On this page are the definition of bilingualism, the advantages for children to grow up bilingual and the misunderstandings about bilingualism.

Helping Your Child Become Bilingual

If you decide to raise your chidren bilingual, you then need to decide how you will go about it.

Ideas for Teaching Children to Speak Another Language

There are several things you can do to help your child learning another language. This lists a few of them.

Language Learning: Are Children Like Sponges?

What is the truth regarding children and their ease of learning a new language?

Mother Tongue Studies

A program developed at Ukarumpa International School to help facilitate students' needs to learn the academic language and passport culture in their own non-English mother tongue.

Strike While the Iron is Hot!

Learning another language is a major benefit for children growing up in a country other than their passport country.

The Bilingual Family: A Review

This book is based both on the authors’ research and their own experiences as parents of bilingual children.

The Bilingual Family: A Testimony

I read with great interest your review of The Bilingual Family. When my husband (American) and I (Swedish) had our first child in 1987, this was one of the two books which...

Total Physical Response (TPR)

TPR is a way of teaching someone another language, no matter the age of the person. The idea is that spoken language accompanied by physical movement facilitates learning because both halves of the brain are involved.


Books on Raising Bilingual Children

A list of various printed resources available on the topic of raising bilingual children.

Links on Raising Bilingual Children

Webpage with various links to helpful pages on the topic of bilingualism in children.