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Incorporating Your Host Country


Social Studies

Incorporating Your Host Country

The Tomb of Jancu, by Rachel Yanac

Suggestions for experiencing the host country as part of the curriculum.

The World for a Schoolroom, by Pam Gentry

Take a good look at the locale of your family’s work assignment. Hiding within that environment are a wealth of learning opportunities...

Using the Local Culture in Your Curriculum, by Sharon Haag

This article will help you think though how using the local culture in your curriculum will enrich your child(ren)'s education.

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Free Astronomy Programs, by Alan Ward

A review of three different astronomy computer programs

 Science in a Nutshell

Delta has science theme kits designed for 1-3 students at a time, grades 2-6. The kits include enough equipment and materials to do the activities five or six times. They cost about $45 each.

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Social Studies

Adding Activities to History, by Diane Lilleberg

Adding hands-on learning to historical studies does not have to require...

Country and Culture Study Guide

Ideas for studying a country and culture. It is not exhaustive, but will hopefully be a stimulus toward brainstorming other ideas appropriate to your own setting and situation.

Family History as Real History, by Dr. Wayne Lance

Suggestions for using your own family history to help your children not only learn more about their own ancestors but to help them become more historically-minded.

Geography Can Be Fun!, by Betsy Hopkins

One family's effort to incorporate geography into their homeschool curriculum.

 Geography Games Quiz

Online geography quizzes to help with learning geography around the world.

Happy Mapping!, by Ruth Crum

It’s true, by virtue of living abroad and traveling in the States on home leave, your children are probably more aware of the size of our world than those who never leave their local area. But a knowledge of the world by map study is still valuable.

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