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Teaching Reading and Writing

Book or Movie?, by Sally Winter

Children often think watching the movie version of a story instead of the original book. Sally gives good suggestions of how to discuss both together.

Encouraging a Reading Process, by Diane Lilleberg

Because of the potential for lasting value, encouraging the development of a “reading game plan,” or a reading process, should be an important focus in...

Family Writing, by Diane Lilleberg

Encouraging students to use a process when writing for meaning is a significant feature of...

Helping Your Child Learn to Write Well, by Elvin Klassen

Writing is the final stage in the complex process of communicating that begins with thinking. Students need practice in learning to...

 Out of This World Literacy

This site has a plethora of information, courses, webinars, and teaching resources. The author is well-educated, and her reading and writing practices are what are being taught in teacher colleges in the US. Some of the resources are free and some have to be paid for.

Spotlight on Spelling, by Sharon Haag, Part 1

Is spelling an aid or hindrance to good writing?

Spotlight on Spelling, Part 2, by Sharon Haag

The question then is: Are there published spelling programs that follow this philosophy and can help me know what to expect of a child at different age levels? I need a guide that...

Spelling Through Phonics, by Diane Lilleberg

Spelling Through Phonics is a multilevel phonics and spelling strategy...

Spelling Wars: One Family’s Journey, by Pam Gentry

One family's journey through balancing creative writing and correct spelling.

Teaching Children to Read and Write: Navigating the Methods Maze, by Diane Lilleberg

Choosing one method of teaching reading over another, or choosing which of many published approaches to use, is difficult.

Teaching Writing to Children: An Introduction, by Wayne Lance

Remember the exhilaration you felt when you wrote your first book? I’m not referring to the publication of...

Teaching Writing: Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade, by Wayne Lance

Discussion of some of the ways parents can help their preschool, kindergarten, and first grade children have successful experiences in writing.

Teaching Writing: The Elementary Years, by Wayne Lance

Suggestions for parents to do with children in grades two through six to teach them how to write.

Teaching Writing: Junior High and High School, by Wayne Lance

Helping students in junior high/middle school and high school to improve their writing skills.

WriteShop: an Incremental Writing Program – A Review

Review of the WriteShop program by Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar.

Writing? In Kindergarten and First Grade?, by Diane Lilleberg

Can writing be taught to kindergarten and first grade children? That depends.

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