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Technology: Resources for Keeping Kids Safe

Online Resources

 Technology for Kids

This site has several articles dealing with different aspects of kids and technology (such as “How to Teach Your Kids to Be Digitally Literate” and “What Every Parent Needs to Know About Snapchat.”

 UK Safer Internet Centre

Things parents and carers can to do keep kids safe on the Internet.

 Kid’s Online Safety

These are guidelines from the US government with a variety of topics other than just general online safety.

 Yandex DNS filter

Parents can follow the instructions on this page to set up a filter through the DNS settings. All internet activity would go through this and it would filter out dangerous sites and not allow access to them.


For those of you who have a good internet connection, here is a sampling of the videos that are available to help teach children about internet safety. We are not necessarily endorsing any of them. The times beside each video link is in minutes and seconds, not hours and minutes.

 Child Focus ‘E-safety’

This cartoon shows young kids what can happen when they click on a pop-up, including the need to get a parent to help. It has almost no talking in it. Ages 3-7. (1:52 minutes)

 Keeping Kids Safe Online (Common Sense Media)

Kids share the safety tips in this video. Ages 8-16. (3:21 minutes)

 TMI (Too Much Information)

This is a short video that makes an analogy between sharing personal information face to face and sharing it online. Ages 14-18. (1:25 minutes)

 Internet Tips for Teens by Josh Shipp

Josh Shipp works to help parents understand teens and encourage teens to live up to their potential. You can check out his other videos at For the above video - Ages 14-18. (6:27 minutes)

 5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Aimed at parents, this video also includes recommendations for plug-ins and kid-friendly browsers to make it safer. Ages 3-10. (2:21 minutes)

 Online Safety: Keeping Safe on the Internet

Aimed at kids with tips on staying safe on the Internet. Ages 5-12. (3:06 minutes)

 Internet Browsing for Kids

Made by Microsoft Training, this video is also aimed at parents. (3:22 minutes)

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