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Professional Development - Online Degree Programs

We have gathered here some links and general information on professional development degree programs available online. If you know of another option, please send us the information at the link below, and we will check it out. To check out the schools/resources below, click on the names.

Overview of Degree Masters and Doctorates

 Study Portal Online Courses (Canada)

This site has distance-learning education master's degrees available in Canada, though some require some on-campas attendance.

 Study Portal Online Courses (UK)

This site has distance-learning education master's degrees available in the UK, though some require some on-campas attendance.

 A Complete Guide to Continuing Education for Teachers (USA)

For US teachers this is a great site for learning about continuing education from weekend workshops and free online courses to full-fledged degree programs, get the inside scoop on continuing education from industry experts. Learn about federal, state and local requirements, and explore dozens of resources specifically for professional development.

 Online Doctorate in Education Programs (USA)

This site lists the types of online Ed.D programs available, explains the difference between them, and what you can expect in an online program. It also lists the universities/colleges (by state) in the United States that offer these programs.


The schools are not included on the above links, but we know some of our teachers have taken classes with them.

 Cairn University

Cairn University is located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, in the US and offers the following online education-related graduate programs:

  • Master of Science in Education — 39 credits, courses range from 7-14 weeks.
  • MS in Educational Leadership & Administration — 39 credits, courses range from 7-14 weeks.
  • Principal Certification — 21 credits designed to be completed in one year, including a summer term.

 Cairn’s European campus offers students the opportunity to earn Graduate degrees in Education in as little as three summers. Located on the campus of Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, these programs offer week-long modular courses leading to an M.S. in Education or M.S. in Educational Leadership and Administration, as well as ASCI Teacher or Principal certification (for qualified applicants). You can complete your Master's with 2 summers in Germany and some online courses. Some SIL teachers have gone through this program.

Cost: US$505-$645 per credit hour. Scholarships are available for ministry workers to help with the cost.

 Columbia International University

Online degree program in Master of Education (other programs also available that are not in education):

  • Curriculum and Instruction — 12 courses, 36 total credit hours
  • Educational Administration — 12 courses, 36 total credit hours

Cost: US$435 per credit hour, financial aid available

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree is designed for those already working in a K-12 school setting who are interested in further training. The degree consists of an education core, a Bible core and a concentration.

The Curriculum and Instruction concentration is for faith-based school educators who are interested in moving to a master teacher level in their area of interest. Students should consult with the M.Ed. program director or their advisor in planning their degree programs.

The Educational Administration concentration is designed for educational leaders who wish to specialize in educational administration for faith-based schools and is intentionally planned to meet the timing needs of practicing educators. Students should consult with the M.Ed. program director in planning their degree programs. This program leads to the appropriate ACSI administrator professional certificate.

 Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University offers the following degrees fully online.
These programs are designed for a cohort of a maximum of 20 students.

  • Curriculum & Teaching (MA)
  • Education (MA - School Library and Media Technology Emphasis
  • Educational Technology (MA)
  • Kinesiology (MA)- Physical Education Emphasis
  • Kinesiology (MA) - Sport Administration Emphasis

Cost: graduate credits for teacher education run $495 per unit, some other fees required. Financial aid is available.