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Children and Technology

Technology is imbedded in everything these days and there are expectations that everyone has all the available electronics to do what is considered “normal” activities. What kind of impact will this have on your children’s experiences? Online access can come with risks including identity theft, computer viruses, and online predators, but it also opens the world of information, too. Today's generation of children are more techn-savvy than many of their parents, yet they lack the discernment of an adult. What parameters should kids have as they engage with technology and the World Wide Web? What can parents put in place to protect children, whether this is at home or visiting other families/kids? How can families make use of technology without technology taking control of the family?

This section is a work in progress. We will be adding more as time goes on.

Internet Safety

Technology: Guidelines for Keeping Kids Safe

Technology: Resources for Keeping Kids Safe